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The Gazetteer on this website was constructed from several tables of information which had orginally been in the form of a single QuattroPro spreadsheet. The spreadsheet had grown from a WordPerfect table listing the novelty requirements for patentability in various countries, information being added from time to time on an as-needs basis. When I decided to put the information from my table up on this website, I found that it became necessary to split the spreadsheet into the six tables. At the same time, I assembled a more comprehensive gazetteer offline with more detailed information divided into several heads of intellectual property. However, a few years prior to, and then following my retirement, since I have no further professional use for the offline gazetteer, I commenced uploading that information to this website with links from the separate tables already prepared for the online gazetteer.

Some of the information I have extracted and entered requires some interpretation to fit within particular criteria I chose to represent that information, as explained in the individual tables. In the more recent updates, I have listed information by “geonym” in order to avoid political issues concerning the status of geographical entities as to their sovereignty or the like. Some geonyms are “countries”, some are “sub-national entities”, some are “regional entities” and the remainder are of “indeterminate status” and it is left to the reader to decide whether or not to categorize geonyms in such manner.

Please check with the indicated dates of amendment of information in each table and in the “Update” pages linked from the geonym for each geographical entity.

My sources include Kluwer Manual of Intellectual Property (formerly Manual Los en Stigter), Katzarov Manual on Industrial Property, World Intellectual Property Organisation, Encyclopędia Britannica, intellectual property offices of various countries, newsletters, and such like. The information is intended my own use only and may or may not be of use to others. In any case the information is of a very general nature only and specific advice from a competent legal professional in the local jurisdiction is recommended for answers to specific questions. I have committed a considerable amount of time (and a small amount of funding) in establishing and maintaining this website up to date, but it will be appreciated that information is often difficult to obtain. Accordingly, I cannot be responsible for the accuracy or currency of the information on any of the web pages of this website. Any comments may be directed to me, Bill Anderson, at or

It is no longer feasible to keep the tables current. Moreover, with the emergence of more comprehensive information on other sites, I found myself accessing those sites to update my tables. It seemed inefficient for me to commit time to such updates, whereas reducing my tables to a series of relevant links was far more time efficient. Therefore, over time, I expectt o reduce the information actually presented and replace it with links to more reliable sources.

This page was updated on Friday, 17 April 2020.

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