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12 October 2019

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  • Unless otherwise noted or unknown, places of birth, baptism, marriage and death are located in Australia. The relationships are for Eric William «Bill» Anderson (Charts and 1 and 243), mainly for the purpose of determining the boundaries of the family tree.

  • b denotes date of birth.

  • c denotes date of baptism or Christening.

  • d denotes date of death.

  • BMI denotes reference to Boyd Marriage Index.

  • BIO denotes eulogy or biography from version 7.01 onwards.

  • eu denotes a eulogy (obsolete from version 7.01 onwards).

  • fc denotes a family chart (versions 1 to 6.01).

  • FC denotes a family chart (from version 7.01 onwards).

  • nfc denotes no family chart established for that person (versions 1 to 6.01).

  • NFC denotes no family chart established for that person (from version 7.01 onwards).

  • nfi denotes no further issue from that person (versions 1 to 6.01).

  • NFI denotes no further issue from that person (changed to NFC from version 7.01 onwards).

  • m denotes date of marriage.

  • [nn] denotes broad family branch line.

  • «nn» denotes alias or "known as" name.

  • {NR} denotes no blood relationship.


The dates are as provided from original sources and it is assumed that the Gregorian Calendar was used for English dates after Thursday, 14th September 1752 (NS) which was Thursday, 2nd September 1752 (OS) and that the Julian Calendar was used for dates before this. The Gregorian Calendar was introduced into Norway when it was part of Denmark. In Denmark, Sunday, 18th February 1700 was followed by Monday, 1st March 1700.

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12 September 2002

The ultimate plan is to have all Family Charts in HTML format. The format of version 9.1 has the same text layout as the WordPerfect layout, with the exception that the text is in two or more tables. The first table is a single-cell table for the main text of the Family Chart.  The last table is a two-cell table as a kind of jump bar with a link to the Name Index in the left-hand cell and a link to this Update Record in the right-hand cell.  For the conversion of charts from WordPerfect to HTML (version 9.1) the plan is to do this in the following a stages:

  1. Do the straight conversion from WordPerfect to HTML using the WordPerfect convert facility, saving the converted file to the Family Tree HTML folder, including replacing double spaces with single spaces. (Started 12 September 2002; completed 12 November 2002.)

  2. Convert the links - the links are to be simply to the file with the ".htm" extension, the strategy being that so long as the Family Chart files are all in the same directory, they can be transported to another system without having to modify the links. (Started 13 September 2002; completed 14 November 2002.)

  3. Remove the additional data from the <BODY> tag so that the page is rendered black <default> text on white <default> background.  WordPerfect sets the page to black text on a silver background. (Started 29 October 2002; completed 14 November 2002.)

  4. Format the text of the Family Chart to Courier New font and replace the hard returns to line feeds (<br>). (Completed April 2003.)

  5. Insert the new jump bar table. (Completed April 2003.)

  6. Place the main text in to a one-cell table (zero border, spacing, padding and width set to 1200), insert the ruler and space the text out (to 25 for "husband", his name at 34, and the linked reference to the appropriate Family Chart or "NFC" to 72).  If necessary, another table is inserted with bookmarks for additional comments included in the Family Chart. (Completed April 2003.)

From the above, the update record (from 12 September 2002 onwards) will reflect conversions as "9.1.x" where "x" is the stage listed above. (Completed April 2003.)

31 December 2002

The format of version 9.1 is updated to default text but preformatted to allow white space instead of non-breaking spaces.  Apart from the text format, the plan is the same, but the chart version is 9.2, the conversion plan being divided into the following stages:

  1. For Charts converted up to 31 December 2002, the charts are blocked in, converted to default text, preformatted (<pre>...</pre>).

  2. For charts not yet converted to version 9, the following applies - add the ruler.

  3. Move the information into the table and replace the hard returns with line feeds (<br>), then remove the ruler.

  4. If necessary, another table may be inserted with bookmarks for additional comments included in the Family Chart.

  5. Add the jump bar table.

From the above, the update record (from 31 December 2002 onwards) will reflect conversions as "9.2.x" where "x" is the stage listed above. (Completed April 2003.)

30 March 2009

Reformat pages using Araneae 5.0.0; See the format page.

20 August 2023

A major rearrangement was necessitated due to the imminent cancellation of my previous domain names «» and «». Because I have retired and no longer have an active ABN, I also no longer qualify to retain domain names in either the «» or the «» domains. Accordingly, I have registered the current domain name «”, and because the site previously was spread across two domain names, it has become necessary to concatenate the material for the single domain name. Additionally, I have taken the opportunity to rearrange the material largely due to the number of family charts created with the completion of coding of the Lawrence Family Lore. The rearrangement is coinciding with the production of an expandable version of Ted Baker’s “Thompson-Wilshire Family Tree” with his latest update dated 2 September 2021.

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