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Bill Anderson’s Family Tree


22 August 2023

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Welcome to
Bill Anderson's Family Tree


My family tree has been an ongoing work since 1981 when I first put what was then my own family into a text file on my home computer. It has expanded since then to over one thousand families.


Each distinct family is arranged into a separate “Family Chart” numbered sequentially from 1 upwards. These are stored in separate files using the file naming convention “FCnnnnn.htm” where the “nnnnn” represents the Family Chart number, filled with leading zeroes. Editting has been done for many years using Araneae 5.5.0 as a text editor designed for editting HTML files. As from the beginning of 2019, editting is done using Bluefish 2.2.12. A sample format is provided here. A legend is also available to explain the abbreviations used in the Charts.

Entry Point

The selected entry point is Family Chart 1, where it all started. There are links to other families from there as well as links to the other parts of the family tree site used to expand and maintain the charts. I have created a numerical index if you wish to take some pot luck. I have also started a name index, but has only a limited number of charts indexed.

My Limitations

The uploading of the Family Charts is one of my latest projects, and it should be appreciated that not all Family Charts are ready for the world-wide web. Even though the links are provided in each chart, they will not necessarily point to a Family Chart which has been uploaded to the website. You can gauge my progress and get an idea of which links will work by viewing the Updates page. Minor spelling corrections and obvious mistakes are not entered into the update record.

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